About Us

My Story

My name is Janette and I am the owner for Gisely’s Kreations (Gee-sell-lees). The name Gisely is a combination of both of my daughter’s name, Kaley and Giselle. My children are the inspiration behind my business.

For me, the presentation of even the littlest things matter. My belief states that even the worst of the things if represented properly, will capture the audience's eyes. The urge to see it happening led me to start a home décor business. I wanted to convey the personal touch that most of the other people in the market fail to do through my products.

Gisely’s KreationsAdd that personal touch to your surroundings.

The ultimate motive behind bestowing people with gifts is to make those noteworthy emotions come to the surface, deep within the layers. Gisely’s Kreations aim to do the same for you. We customize our products to give you a personalized touch when you hold it in your hands. When you gift our products we help you build connections through our impeccable customization.

We are the voice of those who want their belongings to speak for them. Behind every customized product lies a sentiment, and we tend to unfurl them all. Our optimum credence is when your gift or product has been fully customized, and it ultimately becomes super special. It automatically exerts positive vibes, adds the feeling of familiarity, and gives a personal touch.

What Our Eventual Goal Is?

We believe customization leads to the formation of products that the heart has desired for. Therefore, our foremost goal is to bring purity through our products, just as a flower is pure when it is freshly harvested from the farmhouse. We want enhance and increase the quality of our customer's lifestyle through providing high quality products.

Every soul employed in our business works with all their might and the utmost dedication to provide you with a fuzzy feeling through our customized products. We try our utmost to attain our clients' satisfaction by delivering the best according to their requirements and preferences. At Gisely’s Kreations, we meet your expectation with the best customized products that enhances the beauty and elevate your living standards.

We believe customization has the power to transform the living styles and ignite the spark that has long departed.